Surface Laptop


Microsoft added a new member to their surface line of products or to be specific to the surface family. An elegant machine with the perfect and powerful hardware which lies inside the chassy silently.

Performance Made Personal

The laptop has a full aluminium body and to add up to this elegance the have covered the deck with the Alcantara fabric, yes Alcantara® which is found in high-end cars, which makes it a piece of art and gives you a millionaire feeling. (P.S: to have a millionaire felling, you have dig deep in your pockets. Will talk about the pricing later). This laptop comes in four different and amazing colours namely,

1] Burgundy.


2] Platinum.


3] Cobalt blue.


4] Graphite gold.

graphite gold

Build Quality:-

Here we can see the Microsoft’s craftsmanship at its best. It has an aluminium unibody on the outside, which gives it a Mac book type build quality. I would rather say the laptop is built better than the Dell XPS 13, its finish is better than the Razzer blade Stealth. The air vents are symmetrically and beautifully build under the hinge. Talking of the hinge, it is well tuned and opens one handed very easily. The hinge is not visible when you open your laptop, which makes us think that as if the screen is glued to the deck. This is all possible due to the repositioning of the Bluetooth and the WiFi antennas. Now on the inside the laptop, we have the deck coated with Alcantara® fabric, which gives a warm and premium feel when you move your hand around while typing or just for fun!!! Now,  the question is, what happens when I spill something? or what about the dust from my hands? we all know that these fabrics can attract dust and dirt. The keyboard would give you the same feeling as the Surface 4 pro keyboard if you have used one. So I would say that this is a good keyboard not great. Coming to the trackpad, we have a glass surface with windows precision drivers make the trackpad best. The click sounds are louder which was not expected but its ok, you will get used to it pretty fast.

Technical Specs:-

The part for which you have been eagerly waiting for, does this elegant machine have a great hardware ?? Does it have sufficient ports?? Or is it a dumb machine covered with aluminium and with Alcantara icing.

The surface laptops come in variants with  7th Gen Intel®core™ i7 and Intel®core™ i5 processors and with memory ranging from 4Gb up to 16 Gb of LPDDR3 RAM. For storage you get SSD’s, thank god!!! no more HDD’s. You have the choice of choosing from 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB capacity dive which transfer at speed of 110.6 MBps. Coming to the display, here we have 13.5 inches PixelSense™  with 10 point multi-touch support and surface pen and Dial support. The machine has an integrated graphics processor no dedicated graphics card. the i5 models come with Intel® HD 620 graphics and the i7 models come with Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics 640 graphics processor. Speaking of connectivity you have  802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking and Bluetooth 40 LE. You don’t have an HDMI port instead you get a mini display port, a USB 3.O, a Headphone Jack and surface connect™. Coming to the camera and the audio, you have a 720p HD front-facing cameras with stereo microphones and the speakers are located below the keyboard firing upward, which in turn sound beautiful.


12.13” x 8.79” x .57” (308.1 mm x 223.27 mm x 14.48 mm)

14.47 mm thin at the back of the device and 9.93 mm thin at the front.

Weight: 2.76 lbs (1.25 kg).


screen infoScreen: 13.5”  PixelSense™   LCD Display
Resolution: 2256 x 1504 (201 PPI) 3.4 million pixels
Aspect ratio: 3:2

TouchScreen: Yes
Inking: Surface Pen* enabled
Touch: 10 point multi-touch
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

PROCESSOR:-processor info

7th Gen KabyLake Intel®core™ i7-7660U.

7th Gen KabyLake Intel®core™ i5-7200U.

click the respective processor for more info.

P.S:. Please click the question marks if you are a NOOB and have no idea whats going on the linked pages.


Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics 640. (Integrated on i7-7660U)

Intel® HD 620. (Integrated on i5-7200U)

click the respective graphics processor for more info.

P.S:. Please click the question marks if you are a NOOB and have no idea whats going on the linked pages.


4 GB, 8GB or 16GB of 1866 Mhz LPDDR3 RAM


Solid State Drives (SSD):

Options: 128GB, 256GB,  512GB or 1TB @ 110.6 Mbps Transfer speeds.

1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage with a 1-year subscription of Office 365.


Up to 14.5 hours of video playback.


Windows Precision trackpad: 105 mm x 70 mm,  MATERIAL:. glass.
Five-finger multitouch gesture Full-size backlit keyboard with soft touch feel and full 1.5mm travel
Palm rest with premium Alcantara® for maximized typing comfort


Wireless Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac.

Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low energy).


Stereo microphones

Omnisonic speakers with Dolby® Audio™ Premium

3.5mm headphone jack


Windows Hello face sign-in camera.
720p HD camera (front-facing).


Full-size USB 3.0
Mini DisplayPort
Stereo headphones/microphone jack
Surface Connect™ for magnetic power and docking

Compatible with Surface Dial off-screen interaction.


Ambient light sensor

O.S and other included software:-

Windows 10 S.

Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription.

P.S: Prefer to run non-Store apps? Easily switch to Windows 10 Pro for free until Dec 31, 2017

for more info on this product click here.


Here we come, the point which can change our decisions, make us sad, sometimes makes our jaws drop, makes you say wtf!!! omg!!! you must be kidding me!!! Let’s see what does the pricing of this elegant machine says. With this hardware and craftsmanship, this Laptop starts with a jaw-dropping price of  $999/- yes you read-write it starts from $999/- which is a base model with Intel i5, 4gb of ram, 128GB of storage and only platinum colour to choose. then the price rises to $1299 for this device with Intel i5, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and to choose from between the four colours available. The price shoots to $1599/- for the base model for Intel i7, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and again to chose within the four colours. Then for $2199/- you get Intel i7, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage and only with a platinum colour option. The same configuration (Intel i7, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage) but with the three remaining colours ( Burgundy, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold) they are tagged coming soon on the Microsoft website. There is a model which costs a whopping $2699/- which comes with Intel i7, 16 Gb of RAM, 1TB of storage and again with only Platinum colour option as of  now, because for the same configuration (Intel i7, 16 GB of RAM, 1TB of storage) but with the three remaining colours ( Burgundy, ,Cobalt Blue  and Graphite Gold) are tagged coming soon. At these price points, for a machine which has such a premium design and quality and with the best combination of hardware I would say its fairly priced. In this generation where a smartphone can cost us about a $1000, I would say this laptop is priced right. In these prices, you pay to get  1-Year Microsoft office 365 subscription and 1-TB storage on their cloud service ‘Onedrive’.  I have said this is a jaw-dropping price but for a premium and a elegant device like this, it is priced right.


This laptop is a #Mac-Book_ killer. This laptop has some techs that even the Macbook 13″ doesn’t have in it, which are the essentials that every laptop should have and guys believe me it is better than the Macbook in few ways. The usage of different material (Alcantara®) for the deck of the laptop  makes it stand apart in the competition. This laptop is best suited for students, Microsoft is providing special discounts for students. This laptop can also be used by programmers or networkers this laptop can run heavy IDE’s as smooth as running a knife on butter. I wouldn’t suggest this laptop for gamers as this laptop is not suited for extreme gaming but this laptop can run games on their low or medium settings very easily since it has a powerful integrated graphic processors on both variants , but remember this is, it is not a gaming laptop. For entertainment excluding the extreme gaming part, this laptop laptop an entertain you well from playing  movies or video on the great PixelSense display which is slightly above 2K resolution or playing your favourite song on the omnisonic speakers. Before I forget for the artists, graphic designers or people who are in the field of designing, if  they are thinking of buying this device, i wouldn’t say this is the best device for them, because the laptop cannot be folded 360º for the best sketching or drawing experience but this is laptop is good because it inherits all and some new features(compatibility with surface dial) from the surface family. Speaking of my opinion if you are going to buy a Surface Laptop I would suggest you to buy the versions with 8GB of RAM and Above. Because inside you are running a 7th Gen KABYLAKE processors which in my opinion need minimum of 8Gigs of Ram to function to the fullest do that you can get the best out of it.


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