Huawei to bring DSLR capabilities into the mobile ecosystem, with their next flagship launch.

CES 2018 had many big announcements from awesome tech to the world is not ready for this tech. And one big and of course awesome announcements of them was the KEYNOTE by Huawei on the launch of the Mate 10 Pro in the United States and which was The winner of Android Authority Phone of the Year 2017 award, is launching next month.

According to a post on Android Authority- “At the end of that keynote, Huawei CBG CEO Richard Yu went to great pains talking about carriers, and the need for U.S. consumers to have more choice. A couple of hours later, we sat down with Richard Yu at our booth to talk about Huawei’s performance in 2017 and the challenges facing the company in the U.S., as well as the partnerships they’ve struck.

During the interview, Yu told us that camera tech and AI integration are the next big battlegrounds and opportunities for all smartphone manufacturers. Specifically, he wants to bring DSLR like focal lengths and zoom to the mobile ecosystem.”

This could be because of the humiliation due to a post on Google+ be showing a photo taken by P19 but actually, it was shot by a Canon DSLR. the pic below is the beautiful pic claimed to be taken from P19 but unfortunately alongside is the real information about the image.


The outcome was clear they took the humiliation as a challenge and now making statements on integrating DSLR capabilities into a Smartphone Camera. Huawei could do this with their next flagship, i.e: the P20.



Huawei P20 Renders


A Huawei isn’t the first company to do this, we’ve seen it on devices – Panasonic’s CM1 and Nokia’s Lumia 1020 both come to mind.

But what would be interesting is to see whether we actually need a DSLR-like experience on our smartphones? We could have a discussion or viewers you can write your views down below in the comments section or our own Facebook group.

(Source: Android Authority)


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