Is Google Calling Android 9.0 As “Android Pi”?

2018’s big Android update will be Android 9, which will take over from Android Oreo. And Google’s already calling it Android Pi.

Around this time of year, we start to look forward to the next big Android update. Normally, there is tons of speculation over what type of dessert the update will be called. But this year it appears as if a name has already been coined by Google.


Google is already referring to the update as Android Pi internally. Whether or not this sticks for when it is officially launched remains to be seen, as there are plenty of dessert-based options at its disposal – parfait, pumpkin, pistachio, peanut, pecan

The name Android Pi was discovered in some recent notes found inside Google documents. The name Android Pi, at least for now, is what the next update will be called. Though it could well change, as we have seen in the past – Key Lime Pie turned out to be KitKat in the end.


Image Courtesy: phoneArena

Personally, I believe Google will change the name at launch. Something like Pop Tart makes sense. Or maybe Pecan or Peanut, if Google decides to go the healthier route. Both have more of a ring to it than Android Pi. Plus, it’d get rid of any confusion with the micro PC brand, Raspberry Pi.

Android 9 Features:

What can we expect from Android Pi (AKA Android 9)? Quite a bit as it goes. Expect to see it installed on plenty more Android phones than Oreo, thanks to the momentum of Google’s Project Treble.

There is also said to be more customisation options, improved widgets, full picture-in-picture support for every app, more feature parity, a renewed focus on tablets, and, if that wasn’t enough, the Pixel Launcher will be made available to all Android phones.


Android Pi will get a release during August 2018, with a launch happening at Google I/O 2018 a month or two before.

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