Is working with Google your Dream Job, now it can be true!!!

As you can read there are 150,000 open positions in IT support. Google has teamed up with Coursera to create a certificate course which at the end makes you eligible to work with Google and no need to worry of work experience. This certificate course could open new possibilities for many people.

Note: The certificate course will make you ready for entry-level IT support jobs in just 8-12 months, without any prior experience.

The program will involve 64 hours of lessons, labs and evaluation in troubleshooting, customer service, automation, security and more.

With 8-10 hours a week, you can get it done in eight months or you have a 12-month option. You can skip content you already know.

You can either choose only one of the six courses, or all.

And the courses are as follows:

  • Technical Support Fundamentals.
  • The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking.
  • Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User.
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services.
  • IT Automation: It’s not that scary!
  • IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts.

After you complete the course, you’ll get the chance to share your information with top companies. Yes, with this certificate you can apply for companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Walmart, Bank of America and of course Google.

Now, why is Google doing this,”At such a phase, training employees who might never work at your company are the new recruiting tool”, a Coursera spokesperson said?

And the cost per person will be $400-600, but investing in the broader workforce might have bigger benefits.

Here’s how you can apply.:

To enrol, visit

The program costs $49, roughly Rs. 3,100. There are limited scholarships for “qualified US residents who need support.” For financial aid, apply on the same site by February 20. You must enrol by February 27. Participating nonprofits may select deserving candidates.


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