Samsung’s new patent Shows possibility of future Selfie Camera siting Behind Screen

In Pursuit of making Smartphones completely bezel-less, companies are trying out different things, like Vivo placing the Fingerprint sensor behind the Screen or moving the front cameras and sensors to a different location like one done by Xiaomi on their Mix phones. But Samsung has gone up a notch. The recent patent shows Samsung placing the front camera and other sensors on the front, behind the Screen.

The patent shows perforations or holes behind the flexible OLED Screen. The holes are not only for the selfie camera but one can see holes for other sensors such as a front earpiece, proximity sensor and etc. Not only the holes are seen on the top but a hole for the fingerprint Sensor can be also seen at the bottom, which indicates Samsung Plan of putting the screen. Samsung-Galaxy-Note-9-100procent-beeldscherm

All of these makes the phone mostly fully Bezeless. The patent also indicates words and picture wrapping around sensors. That means the user will have to choose between a full-screen display or a smaller length screen to view documents and other videos.



But the fact is still unanswered, will the earpiece and other sensors work as usual. One of the patents shows the placement of front camera similar to the Essential Phone. And the others show a notch as the one on the iPhone X.


Anyway, this is just a patent, so there is no guarantee that they will hit the market. That being said, let us know your thoughts on Samsung’s possible design and future of Galaxy and Note Series in the comments below.

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