DJI Drone “Mavic Air” Leaks, a day before Reveal

The DJI press conference is set to be on 23rd Jan, 10 AM, so stay tuned. But there are image leaks of their new drone DJI Mavic Air before their unveiling, which give us a rough idea about the Specs and the build of the drone.


This drone looks like the Smaller and newer version of the Mavic Pro.

The drone enthusiast site DroneDJ has shared most of the details and images on Mavic Air.

dji_mavic_air (1)

As its Parent the Mavic pro, the Mavic Air is also a compact, foldable drone. The drone has a 32-megapixel camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, which shoots4K @60fps. It has 21 minutes of flight time, it’s less than the flight time on Mavi Pro Platinum. It also has gesture control like one on the DJI Spark. It has four foldable arms like the Mavic Pro.


Its body is however similar to that of spark. The DJI Mavic air looks like its an intermediate between DJI spark and Its parent product Mavic Pro.

Onboard sensors include obstacle avoiding sensors, Mavic Air also has a Visual Positioning System. VPS, as Google demonstrated at I/O last year, uses machine learning (based on Tango), computer vision, and mapping coordinates to determine where something or someone is indoors. It’s essentially the indoor version of GPS.


The VPS capabilities will help the Mavic Air to manoeuvre indoors smoothly, improve control and help in hovering.

There’s no word on a controller being included (Probably DJI would sell a Separate Bundle including the controller and the accessories). It appears to be controlled entirely with gestures or a phone app.

The Drone Comes in three colours white, black and red.

How much this Drone is going to cost hasn’t been confirmed, but DroneDJI says it could cost $699.






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