The Boring Company Flamethrower

The ridiculous but awesome way to make Marshmallows. The most awaited Flamethrower, The Boring Company Flamethrower is out. The $500 Flamethrower is ready for pre-order here. If you think you are will burn your house down, the company sells an overpriced Fire Extinguisher, But its Branded and it Comes with a “Cool Sticker”.

As Elon Musk made a promise that after his company, The Boring Company has sold 50K hats it will start selling Flamethrowers. And on Christmas Eve Elon Musk tweeted Flamethrowers are coming soon.

And then the presence of the Flamethrower was made by Redditors in a few SpaceX, Boring Company, and Musk-related subreddits noticed earlier this week that the URL “” started redirecting to a page with a password box. And at least one user was able to guess the original password, too: “flame.” then on Saturday Elon Musk revealed the FlameThrower.

IS it “Safe”?

The Boring Company says its the worlds safest Flamethrower. When MKBHD questioned about the same, I am sure Elon Musk’s answer would make you feel safe.Screenshot 2018-01-28 10.21.54


And for the record Gas flamethrowers  (flamethrowers using a gas such as propane and natural gas as fuel)  are considered safe.

WHO should BUY this?

The Company “Guarantees” that the flamethrower will “liven up any party”, so an item to consider for your next awesome party. People getting bored and want to do something special, here’s an item to consider. The Flamethrower can cook marshmallows too. But Elon Musk even has a better idea and if that doesn’t work you can even have your money back! :


The Preorder fees don’t include taxes and the shipping fees, which will be added to your bill during checkout. And there’s a disclaimer on extra international shipping fees and your flamethrower being seized at the border. The Buyers also have to review and accept a terms and condition document prior to getting their order in the mail.

The Boring Company.


The Boring Company’s main mission is a next-generation transportation system and its a tunnel boring company, which would dramatically reduce the traffic in megacities, a major problem faced by each and every Megacity to an extent. TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT WATCH THE VIDEO LINKED BELOW. But I guess the company will be selling weird products like this till they meet its revenue, even if it has started digging test tunnels.




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