Watch SpaceX launch a GovSat-1 Satellite Using a Re-Used Falcon 9

UPDATE: SpaceX has scrubbed this until tomorrow’s backup window at least due to unfavourable conditions.

The previously used stage one of Falcon 9 which was launched in May 2017, is being reused for Launching GovSat-1.

Falcon 9 will be carrying the  GovSat-1 satellite, which is bound for Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO). The mission, GovSat-1, is set to take place during a launch window which opens today at 4:25 PM EST (1:25 PM PST) and closes at 6:46 PM EST (3:46 PM PST).

The Payload- GovSat- 1 is a government satellite commissioned for launch by the Government of Luxembourg, supplied by Orbital ATK. The Satellite will be operated by SES a prior SpaceX Client. The Satellite being a communication satellite will serve to provide the combination for “tactical operations” and to assist humanitarian crises support efforts. The satellite is also equipped with anti-jamming features, making it extra resilient against attack.

The satellite is meant to be used by both Luxembourg’s government and SES, to provide secure communications and surveillance for the military.

As of now, the weather is 40% favourable at the launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force based in Florida. The conditions could improve and a backup launch is set for 4:25 PM EST on Wednesday, 31 January.


This time the mission parameters do not include a recovery attempt for the rocket. The live Video above should start around 15 minutes prior to the opening of the launch.



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