Hasselblad H6D-400c: Capturing Terific Details

Hasselblad the name behind photography for the past 75-years. Their cameras were behind some of the most iconic photos taken in the 20th Century.


It’s only a couple of years back the Hasselblad released the 200-megapixel H5D Multi-Shot, but the Blad is back with  H6D 400c.The 400 MP Multi-shot camera which shoots stills of size 2.4GB.


This Multishot version inherits all thee traits from the H6D Single shot. In the Multishot the camera captures 6 images and then combines them to make an image of 400MP. With immense detail, the camera even captures 100MP shots in shot multishot mode or single shot mode.


The Multi-Shot works by moving the sensor and its mount with high precision of 1 or ½ pixel at a time via a piezo unit. To capture a Multi-Shot image the camera must be tethered to a PC or a MAC.

When you take photos in 400MP Multi-Shot mode, 6 images are captured the first 4 involve moving the sensor by one pixel at a time to achieve real colour data (GRGB ). further two exposures are made moving the sensor by ½ a pixel horizontally and then ½ a pixel vertically.

These 6 captures are then merged to give the equivalent of a single 400MP image, delivered as a 2.4GB 16-bit TIFF (23200 x 17400 pixels), for those seeking the utmost in image quality and resolving power.


MultiShot_6-shotKey Features :

– USB 3.0 type c connection for tethered shooting, high-speed data transfers & 30FPS live view.
– Dual media card slots: CFast 2.0 and SD card.
– 3.0-inch touch rear display.
– Smartphone style user interface.
– HD & UHD video.
– Modular system with improved back removal process.
– Technical camera connectivity (single shot).
– Wi-Fi.
– HDMI & Audio I/O.
– True Focus II.

For More information Click here.


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