Apple’s new Patent Shows a Stylus That Can Not Only Be Used On Surfaces But Also in Mid-Air

Apple has filed a patent for their Stylus which can write in mid-air and also in any surfaces. The stylus would allow the users to write or draw doodles in mid-air.

The patent application describes the pen, which can be tracked and monitored by multiple dedicated sensors at the tip or the pen is tracked by motion and orientation sensors, a camera or ” An electromagnetic-or-Sound Based Triangulation Scheme”. That could mean that the sensors would be mounted in your computer which would track the motion and monitor the position of the stylus in 3D-Space.

The can be used to write text or generate 3D drawings. For example, you can generate a 3D-cylinder in mid air and the live preview will be show up on your computer screen.

This figure below illustrates some types of drawings the pen can create:

This sounds as a virtual versions of handled 3D printers or to be specific the 3D Doodler. A 3D Doodler is a pen which creates 3D objects by melting Plastics (basically it’s a handheld 3D-printer).

The patented stylus breaks the limitation for users working on a 2D plane. And gives them more freedom to work on a three dimensional space.

The patent was originally filed in July 2016, and published in late January 2018.

This is the first time we’ve seen a concept for a stylus that can potentially draw digitally without a surface. We should note that, though, that this is just a patent description, and there’s no indication of if or when Apple might actually release the product.


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