Samsung patents a technique for Smartwatches to measure Blood Pressure

Most of the Smart watches in the market can measure the users heart rate, but are unable to measure the Blood pressure.

Since to measure blood pressure with Smarth watches, the watch must need a tight fitting around the user’s hand, pressing the user’s hand and making it uncomfortable to wear.

But a patent shows Samsung figuring out a way to make the measurement of Blood Pressure with a light sensor, similar to the light sensor being used in heart rate sensors.

The patent drawing shows a watch , named as the Samsung Gear X, please do not confuse it with the Gear Icon X.

The design shows a similarlity to the original Gear Watches and the watch in the patent drawing is just a placeholder.

It works similar to the heart beat sensor. The watch shines a polarized light and senses the intensity of scattered light. This method still needs the watch to be tight fitted around the wrist but not uncomfortably tight. Smartwatch heart beat monitors don’t work if the watch is wore loose around the wrist either.


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