Google Removed View Image from Google Images

Google has Removed the View Image Button from Google Images in a view of protecting the authors and the creator’s Copyrights and Credits.

Which means to download (or save) the image from the Internet, from now you would have to visit the website hosting the image, bringing traffic to their page, hence increasing the traffic and business of the respective website.

The View Button gave users to open the image alone. the Button was extremely useful to users since if you are searching for an image on the internet there is a heavy chance of saving it and using it. From now you would have to do some additional steps to save an image of your choice.

Google anyways has been under fire from publishers, creators, and photographers who felt that Google Image Search allowed the users to use their work or in their words “steal” their work or images. The removal of the View button is one of the many changes being made in response to them.

That is a great news for Publishers but the changes are essentially going to frustrate the users as you have to wait for the website to load and after that scroll down to find the image. Websites sometimes disable the ability to right-click, too, which would definitely make users angry since it would make users harder to get the image they are looking for.

And fortunately, there’s a way around it- if you right click, you can select “Open in New Tab” or “View image” (or as per your browser’s option to open the image in new tab), and you still can open the full-size image in new Tab.

With removing the “View Image” button, Google has also removed the “Search by Image” button when you open the image too. Anyways you’ll still be able to do a reverse search by dragging the image into the Search Bar, and Google still displays related images when you click a search result. The “Search by Image” button is mostly used by users to find a un-watermarked version of an image, which I guess is the reason Google pulled out this button too.

A deal to show copyright information and improve attribution of Getty photos was announced last week and included these changes.

It’s good to see Google protecting photographers and creators, and driving traffic to websites, the changes are still hard to pretend not to be a little annoyed. There are still plenty of legitimate and legal uses for copyrighted images, these changes really seem designed to stop images from being grabbed in the first place.




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  1. I am very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.


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