Watch SpaceX lauch its PAZ Mission.

SpaceX to launch its first broadband internet satellites into space, watch live here.

This is SpaceX’s second

attempt to launch its PAZ mission today.

The payload is the PAZ satellite from client Hisdesat, and is set for launch during an instantaneous window at 6:17 AM PST, or 9:17 AM EST.

The mission was scrubbed on Wednesday due to high upper-level winds, and reset for this morning.

The Hisdesat payload is a satellite with radar instrumentation on board, with a planned service mission of providing monitoring activities for both government and commercial clients over an intended linespace of five and a half years.

The primary payload isn’t the one we are interested, however – this rocket will also be carrying two test satellites for SpaceX’s global broadband satellite internet service.

These two satellites will pave the way for a constellation of nearly 12,000 satellites in orbit eventually that will aim to deliver affordable, fast and low lag broadband internet to underserved areas the world.

SpaceX hopes to use this service, which it calls “Starlink,” to add an additional revenue stream to its business beyond launch operations, helping it financially pursue its goal of making tourism with missions to Mars and beyond come true.

The live stream above will begin around 15 minutes prior to the target launch time or at around 6 AM PST (9 AM EST).

Via TechCrunch.


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