Google is now in your iMessage

Google announced that its app on the iOS devices will be introducing some changes today.

The new updates or tweaks will enable the user to share information more efficiently and fluidly across the iMessage and the Google App itself.

As of now the Google app on the iOS has an iMessage extension, which, when messaging let’s the users to “Google” and share things like videos, images, information and more.

In the example below, icons like “Food” or “Nearby” can be tapped to discover and then share locations directly within iMessage

There is a dedicated button to the right of the search bar which switches things into GIF Search mode.

If you already have the Google app, as long as you’re updated to the newest version, it should automatically appear in the iMessage apps drawer. For now, this feature is only available in the US.

if you are using an iPad with iOS 11, you can now drag and drop to move text, images, and links to and from the Google app. For example, a simple tap and hold on an article will now allow you to drag the link into other apps like iMessage or Notes.

The company is also building the related content feature it introduced last year within the Google app for iOS. Now, the ability to discover related content works with any browser on your device. So if you go to the share sheet from a webpage in Safari, for an instance, users can choose to have Google automatically show suggestions for related content without having to perform an additional Google search.

With an example, Google says, looking up how to grill fish. Related information that might be served to you could include “tips for keeping fish from sticking to the grill, info on the best fish for grilling, or delicious recipes.”


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