Now Google lets Musicians post their Updates on Knowledge Panel

Form now Musicians can update their own knowledge panel by themselves, but one condition folks, you should be Damn Famous!, which means you should have your knowledge card (the post on top of search results when you search for famous personality’s) on Google.

Google is now letting musicians post updates that will show up inside their Knowledge Panel.

It’s another expansion of the Posts on Google feature that the company has been rolling out over the past few years that started with big companies and celebrities in 2016 and included local businesses last year.

Musicians will now be able to post their own images, videos, GIFs, and text it sounds a lot like Twitter along with the automatically generated content like YouTube videos and biographical information, that’s because it essentially is — right down to the verified blue checkmark that will let you know that posts are truly from the artist (or at least their permitted representatives).

The feature is live today for any musicians whose search result includes a Knowledge Panel already. If you meet the criteria (it’s pretty easy to check; just Google yourself), you can sign up to be verified and start posting over at the posts on Google website


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