Chrome to Completely Block Annoying Videos Autoplaying with Sound

Google chrome had stopped autoplaying videos with sound on specific websites with a right click option when the Chrome 64 was launched. But now the company posted a code, introducing a set of criteria that the websites have comply in order to be able to play videos with sound. But the list is so long that practically there is no way that any tab would autoplay video with sound once the Chrome 66 is released.

According to Chromium Blog, some of the rules stand as follows:

  • The user must have tapped or clicked on the site while browsing in order to begin autoplay with sound.
  • On mobile, the site has to have been added to the Home Screen.
  • Desktop users has to have frequently played media in order the video to play with audio.

With the block on autoplaying a videos the other features of Chrome 66 include display warnings for crashes caused by third-party software injecting code and removal of trust for Symantec certificates. The beta is already available, while the Stable version should arrive in the following weeks.



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