Lenovo Z5- The Bezel-less Flagship will make Debut on June 5

Official poster and letter to the Fans

Lenovo will launch the Lenovo Z5 a follow up on the ZUK series on June 5 at Beijing Film Academy, Beijing. This was announced by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng on Weibo earlier today.

Cheng has already teased their handset (ZUK Z5) a number of times in the recent weeks, revealing some jaw dropping specs, actually hinting on hardware that the phone will offer.

According to Cheng the Z5 will show off four technological breakthroughs, based on their 18 patented technologies, including a screen with 95% screen to body ratio. Cheng has also hinted that the phone could have as much as 4TB of internal storage space, and up to 45-day standby times (which is the three of the aforementioned four breakthroughs).

The renders revealed by Cheng reveals the breath taking design aspects, if the representation are true this is an treat to all other Android flagship present out there.

Lenovo might outdo all the gaints like Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, with their “truly bezel-less display” handsets present out there in the market.

Since Lenovo is not know for manufacturing of Screen (Display) tech innovations. But other commentsand teasers given by Cheng have only made the Z5 sound even more outrageous.

If the teasers and the rumours are true the this smartphone will set a new level in smartphone industry, it would be one of the biggest technological leap too. I mean having a 45-days of battery standby while other manufacturers are trying for achieving 45 hours of battery Standby.

All of the above facts and specs are based on the rumours and teasers from Chinese social media so it’s unsure if these specs are for real and it’s difficult to parse what’s a likelihood from simple misunderstanding.

But all our questions will be answered in a week. So stay connected for future updates.


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