Snapkit a Developer Platform by Snapchat to bring it’s Best Features to Third-Party Apps

According to TechCrunch report, Snapchat is secretly planning the launch of their fully-fledged developer platform known as Snapkit.

According to the report, the developer kit will enable developers to use login with Snapchat option, to use their AR camera, integrate Bitmoji’s in their apps, and a full feature usage of Snapchats Camera software which will share snaps back to Snapchat.


The report also confirms that SnapInc. is currently in talks with several app developers to integrate Snapkit.


The platform could breathe new life intoplateauing Snapchat by colonizing the mobile app ecosystem with its login buttons and content. Facebook used a similar strategy to become a ubiquitous utility with tentacles touching everyone’s business. But teens, long skeptical of Facebook and unsettled by the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, could look to Snapchat for a privacy-safe way to log in to other apps without creating a new username and password.

Snap Inc. declined to comment on this story.


-from TechCrunch Report

Snapkit developers platforms will be a huge move by Snapchat Inc. since the platform will enable developers to integrate most of the services provided by Snapchat for the first time.

As of now, there are no reports or confirmation on when it will be announced or launched, or who will be the initial developers who take advantage of it.

But since the decrease in user rate on Snapchat and to be in the ongoing competition Snapchat Inc. requires to take a bigger move than just updating their dog filters.


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