Samsung’s Foldable Phone to launch in early 2019 with a Jaw-Dropping price of $2000

Samsung is the only manufacturer which is working on the foldable phone and which would make a  debut in early 2019. Samsung appears to put a lot of R&D money to finance and complete the foldable phone.

The Korean giant even showcased a working concept behind closed doors at CES 2018. The device is expected to be launched as the Galaxy X and according to Samsung’s CEO, its flexibility will be more than just a gimmick.

According to industry sources, the Galaxy X will cost around $1,850 and the parts for building the phone will go into production sometime in November – just in time for the 2019 launch. With this price tag, will attract the Tech Geeks and mostly the phone will launch as a limited edition. Eventually, as time passes by, the foldable OLED displays will start getting cheaper and will be made available to the regular consumer.

 The screen is expected to be 7.3″ when opened and 4.5″ when folded and if reports turn out to be true, we will know for sure during February’s MWC 2019.

We wonder if Samsung will be able to solve the mass production problem with the foldable OLED panels by then.

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