Oppo Find X Launches with a Unique Camera Popup System

Oppo took the Pop-Up Camera idea to the next level, probably they thought having a camera to pop up is boring so Oppo decided to put the front Camera with all its 3D face scanning system in to the pop-up mechanism including the Dual Camera System in the back of the phone, which includes a total of three cameras into the Pop-Up mechanism. The pop-up mechanism activates when you hit the camera app.


It’s a motorised mechanism and fully deploys in 30 seconds. It was tested to 300,000 slides, and Oppo says the average person unlocks their phone 100-150 times a day. So there shouldn’t be any durability worries for at least five years.

gsmarena_002 (2).jpg

Due to this innovative slider (pop-up mechanism) which holds all the three cameras including the all the sensors that take some room in the front Oppo is able to achieve a notchless edge to edge display with 6.4” OLED panel (1080p+ resolution) and 92.25% of the screen to body ratio. The back is also completely clean when the camera slides back in.

There’s no fingerprint scanner though, so the phone relies on its 3D facial scanning for secure locking. This requires the system to slide out, look at your face and unlock the phone, then slide back in.


The innovative slider in the phone is the only thing that is different from compared to other flagship devices the, but its a flagship itself. The dual camera is a 16 + 20 MP setup while the selfie cam is a 25 MP shooter that can create “3D AI selfies”.


The phone is powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The battery is a fairly big 3,730 mAh with VOOC fast charging for quick top-ups. In terms of software, Oppo installed Color OS 5.1, a customization of Android 8.1 Oreo that’s focused on AI.

The Find X is a dual-SIM phone with worldwide LTE band support. It will be officially sold in Italy, Spain, France, and the Netherlands for €999 starting in August.



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