Google Rebrands Its Ad Platforms Into Three Simpler Brands

Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president of  Ads & Commerce at Google, explained the rebranding of their intricate ads lineup, where he said that the company has been getting consisting feedback over the past years that the glut of their Ad products, which mostly is assembled through acquisitions are confusing to the advertisers.

“This is a primarily a name change, but it is indicative of where we have been directing the product” for the past few years, Ramaswamy said. He also said the rebrand points to “where we want the product to go.”


Now as per the rebrand the Google Ad Products will be divided into three major brands. Frist of them would be Google Ads what previously was known as the Google AdWords, which as per Ramaswamy will serve as  “the front door for advertisers to buy on all Google surfaces”, which would include their search, display ads, Youtube videos, app ads in Google Play, listing in Google Maps

With the name change, Google is also launching what they call as Smart Campaigns, which will be accessible as default to all advertisers. This will allow the advertisers to identify the actions, which can be prioritizing store visits over purchases or something of the same kind, the Google Ads will use machine learning to optimize the assets like images, text and targeting to drive more of those actions.


The second on the new rebranded lineup is the Google Marketing Platform, which combines DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360, under the same section Google is also announcing a new product called Display & Video 360, which combines features from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center. Managing Director for Platforms Dan Taylor said the Google Marketing Platform is responding to a growing need for collaboration.

The Marketing Platform includes a new Integrations Center where marketers can view all the ways they can different ways they can connect their Google tools.


The third one in the line up is the Google Ad Manager, a platform that combines Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers

According to Jonathan Bellack, director of product management for publisher platforms, said there’s already been a “three-year journey” of merging the two products as the programmatic ad-buying becomes used across more types of advertising.

“These categories have just been breaking down for a while — all of our publishers already log into one user interface,” Bellack said. So the only thing that’s really changing is “the logo.”

The result of this rebranding is that DoubleClick brand will be buried, that means it will be discontinued, and this is what Ramaswamy described as “bittersweet”.

“The look and feel is going to change a little bit, but the core functionality is not changing,” Taylor said.

The rebranded stuff is expected to start rolling out in July, surely after their Google Marketing Live on July 10 where they will be sharing more about these changes and many other new Ads, Analytics and Platforms solutions. Ramaswamy and Taylor both emphasized that no product migration or training will be required.

 Register now to watch live on July 10, 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET.

Ramaswamy and Taylor both emphasized that no product migration or training will be required. This isn’t mentioned in their announcement but AdSense and AdMob will continue


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