LG Patents Their Foldable Phone Tech

Now LG is also into building foldable screens along with Microsoft and Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, And this also a rumour same as the other rumours which surfaced on the internet.


Image Source: LetsGoDigital

According to the patent filed by LG, it seems that they are also aiming for a similar foldable design language or form factor as the other companies like Samsung or Huawei



The patent was originally filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office in late-2017 and is described as a “mobile terminal” – a technical description of what a smartphone is. It describes a smartphone body with a flexible display, one that folds horizontally halfway down the length of the phone thanks to a four-link hinge, one that works similar to the hinge on the Microsoft Surface Book.

The images in the patent also show that phone has two mics, dual loudspeakers, and dual antennas. One of the cameras will be placed on the outside of the closed display so users can take photos of the display while it’s closed. The patented display has a bezel-less design.

Of course, the patent doesn’t describe how a user is intended to interact with such a device. It appears that the foldable display is a trend that smartphone makers are really trying to crack. A new form factor is desperately needed in this industry and we can safely say that we’ll be hearing more from phone makers about foldable displays in the next year or two.



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