Worlds Biggest Smartphone Factory Opened In India By Samsung

During the official visit to India by the South Korean president Moon Jae-in, as a part of the trip also included the opening of the biggest smartphone factory in the world, based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The plant spans 35 acres (141 thousand sq.m.) and aims to increase overall production of devices in India by 50%.

The new factory is part of a $700 million expansion plan. It is on the set of a former plant that used to make refrigerators and TVs, with smartphones joining the production line in 2007. Before the launch of the Noida plant Samsung was manufacturing 67 million phones in India, mostly at its production plant in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. The Korean giant wants the unit production to go as high as 120 million in three years and for that it is hiring 5,000 new employees.

Samsung India said in a press statement that the bigger manufacturing plant will respond to the growing demand for Samsung products across India. The company was the top smartphone company for a long time and is still fighting for the top spot with Xiaomi which also started manufacturing phones in the country.



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