Twitter Adds Bottom Navigation Bar To Each And Everyone On Android

Twitter has now started rolling out their update with a bottom navigation bar to each and every Android device. The change was first seen in their alpha builds a couple months back and now it has made its way to a stable build.

Actually, for the change, you need not update the app from Play Store as long as you are running the latest version of the application, since it will be happening on the server side.

The change requires no update from the Play Store and as long as you have the latest version of the app already installed the change should happen automatically server-side.




The new navigation bar on the bottom will be containing all top-level navigation sections, such as Home, Moments, Notifications and Messages.

Acttually the change goes more with the Googl Material Design guidelines, which says that the top level sections, navigation bars should ideally be at the the bottom, which will make them easily accessible on phones with big screen.

Now going from the firdt tab to the fourth tab in twitter dosen’t requireswiting three timess or streching your thum in order to reach the top navigatonn bar. And with aditional to the relocaton of the naavigation buttons, the ability of swiping between tabs has also been removed.

Curently the bottom navigation tab is bigger and takes a lot of space, it dosen’t hides it self when you scroll down. Though the most of the navigation is moved too the bottom but there is still some UI elements on the top, like the search bar. The removal of swiping between the tabs is what users will take time get a hang of it . Overall the UI feels more modern and great with the change.



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