Asus launches Aura Sync Capable FX External Hard Drive

People buy external hard drives depending upon the transfer speeds, the reliability and how quiet it is while doing the operation.  The looks of the drive usually don’t matter since most of the manufacturers offer the same form factor with a touch of some texture on the top. But Asus thought it through and took it a notch up by using RGB lighting the top section of their FX Hard Drives.

Tom’s Hardware reports that it has all the essentials that you would expect from a normal hard drive. In this, you get a USB 3.1 Gen 1 connection for faster data transfer. Asus offers a software for automatic data backups, it has support for 256-bit AES encryption and data compression. You get a 1TB or a 2TB version to choose with.

fx harddrive2.png

So this looks like a simple hard drive from inside the only difference you can see is the aesthetics where Asus has used the Aura Magic wand to make it look awesome and beautiful.

The engravings on the casing are made with the help of five-axis engraving. The outer case on which the engravings are engraved is made of plastic with the help of double injection moulding. The RGB lighting highlights the engraving on the top of the hard disk and the same engraving can be found on the bottom of the device. The result of all this is a very grippy and beautiful hard disk.

Aura Sync RGB lighting technology allows an equipped device to react with a light show based on what’s happening on your PC. For example, if the music is playing, Aura Sync-enabled gadgets will react with a light show, the same happens if you’re playing games. Aura Sync can also react to temperature changes giving you a clear visual of  CPU or GPU temperature.

The availability if this and the price is still unknown, we think that Asus would price this hard disk at a higher price than the other 1TB and 2TB hard drive available on the market. And Asus shouldn’t price this way too higher just because their hard disk has some RGB lights in it.


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