Google’s Digital Wellbeing Feature Is On Open Beta For Pixel Users With Android Pie Only

This thing kind of hurts since everyone wants to see the Digital Wellbeing working on their phones but the beta is only confined to Google Pixel users with Android Pie installed on their device. But no need to worry we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Digital Wellbeing.

Since Google Digital Wellbeing is one of the many big features introduced in I/O developer conference back in May, however, it was not made available in the final version of the Android 9 which was launched today.

Yet for never the restless users who are very eager to see this feature n work, Google has opened the public beta and to qualify for it you have to have a Pixel phone with Android Pie (Android 9 )in it. And if you are fulfilling the above conditions, please head to this place and sign up for the beta. Unlike any other beta, you will have some incidences with bugs, instability issues and the software would be not he finished version of the final launch software.


Digital Wellbeing Dashboard

Digital Wellbeing is an initiative that is meant to restrict your smartphone usage so that you can connect with the universe outside your smartphone too, I mean to say the outside world. Google is not the first one to do so Apple has also done some work in the same line.

With the Digital Wellbeing dashboard, you can have a look at how much you use your device and also it lets you see how much time you spend on individual apps. The dashboard also tells you how many times you have unlocked your device and how many notifications you have received.

In the dashboard you can also find a feature know as App timer that will notify you when you’ve hit a certain time limit, which you can set inside the dashboard, using any specific app. App timer greys out the app’s icon once you have hit the time limit, but it does not prevent you from using the app.

The Wind Down will remind you when it’s time for your bed ( at the time that you have set), and it automatically turns on the night light blue light filter, switches on the Do Not Disturb Mode and Grayscales the screen.

The Do Not Disturb mode is not like the DND mode you get on your phones, the DND mode in the Pie gets an enhancement due to the Digital Wellbeing feature. In phones without the Android Pie and the Digital Wellbeing used to not trigger any sounds or vibrations but you could see the notifications on who called you or the messages that you have received, but with the DND mode in Digital Wellbeing the notifications won’t even show up until you turn the DND mode off.

That’s all that we have on the Digital Wellbeing feature, we would like to know what are your feelings on the Wellbeing feature down in the comments below.


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