Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 Founder’s Edition Rumoured To Launch Soon

The Nvidia Founder’s Edition GTX 1180 or the most commonly gossiped to be the GTX 2080, is rumoured to have a double fan cooling architecture as indicated by the most recent hypothesis for the current generation high-end GPU’s.

This rumour originated from BenchLife, which claims that the new upcoming Nvidia GPU, the next in line flagship that will be launching soon, the GTX 2080 will employ a double fan outdoors cooling framework, which would be the first Nvidia card to have a dual fan cooling architecture.

This clearly points out that the performance on the card is nearly double just a guess, to be in a safer side lets say it is a lot better than the current generation GTX 1080. Since the new games are more pixel demanding and they really squeeze the GPU really hard if you want the game to run in its possible high settings or higher.

Ince this is just a rumour that has surfaced the internet, discovered this rumour first. The graphics card producer Galax has likewise made an announcement that the cutting edge top of the line cars from Nvidia will be “Leap forward” which has created anticipation among the people.

Previously Nvidia has also hinted that the launch would take place by September. But we could also see a release before that at the Gamescom, where Nvidia has scheduled a GeForce Gaming celebration event, where Nvidia has promised to have ‘Spectacular Surprises’. But since the previous rumours have indicated that the GTX 1180 will go on sale on August 30, with other cards, the GTX1180+, the GTX1170 releasing at the end of September and 1160 would have a late October release date. With the rumoured released date of 30th August which is less than 3 weeks away and just mere rumours floating around, we don’t think so we can see a release on this dates


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