Messenger Kids rolls out passphrases so kids can initiate friend requests themselves

Facebook made it easier for kids to add their friends on their underage chat app the Messenger Kids. Launching today the passphrase feature which will allow kids to request parent’s approval for new contacts added in the apps contact list.

Once enabled it will generate a four-word passphrase. So if the child has to add a new friend into his contact list then the child has to show the passphrase, that is unique for every child, to his friend so that he enters it in his own app. After which both the child and his friend’s parents are notified and only after the approval of both the parents the child can chat with his friend.

So this makes it easier for children to add friends into his contact list when his parents are not friends on facebook with his friend’s parents. This was a long-awaited update to the app, since parents who are neighbours, met in a parents teacher meet or just because their child os friend with someone  doesn’t mean that their parents are also friends with each other, so I guess with the passphrase options this problem is solved and with this the children does not have to carry his problem every time since he just has to share the passphrase with his friend, otherwise to start chatting kids had to scan the QR code.

While most parents will at least want to know who their child is texting with, there are plenty of times when parents are friendly with someone on a more casual basis – like through the child’s school or their extracurricular activities. But just because two people are neighbours or fellow soccer moms and dads, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re also Facebook friends.

The change introduced in May allowed parents to do a search for the child’s friend’s parents, then invite them to the app so the kids could connect. The four-word passphrase will only be visible to the child in the Messenger Kids app, and to the parent in their Parent’s Portal.

The passphrase feature is rolling out starting today on the Messenger Kids mobile app.


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