Sennheiser Launches Memory Mic For Smartphones, Now No Need To Worry About Poor Audio Quality In Your Videos

Smartphones have mostly replaced digital cameras for capturing personal or just some moments in our daily life. With that said nowadays most of the videos present on the internet are shot on a smartphone camera, no doubt that smartphone cameras are improving day by day, ops! they are improving second by second. The second thing that is given important while manufacturing the phone, since cameras are the selling point too.

But what does not do with the video or the Vlog taken by you, which looks great but the sound is not complementing the video, I am not saying the sound is awful, but you know its not that appealing when you are at a distance from the subject that you are recording. So Sennheiser created the memory mic to solve this problem, for the note Sennheiser is not the first one to make an external mic for a smartphone, but what they have created is different unlike any other mic in the market.


What makes this Mic different?

memory_mic_1.jpgAs the name suggests it has to do something memory, and that what makes it different, the memory mic is a wireless mic and is connected to your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi. That means you can clip this mic on to you or to anything or just place it anywhere you want and record the audio while you are back recording the video. Another Awesome point is that it can record audio for up to four hours. Now the memory part while recording you unknowingly move out of range for the Bluetooth, the memory mic doesn’t stop recording it will be still recording for four hours and then you can sync the audio with the video inside the Sennheiser app. Due to this unlike anyother, you can get clear audio even while you are at a distance recording the video.

Its little bit huge for a mic but it is all in one package so no wires going from the mic to any transmitter module, that would usually be seen in a wireless clip-on mic where the wires run from the mic to transmitter module that would be hanging to pants. But this is soo small that you can slip it in your bag or pocket easily and it weighs 30g

The Memory Mic supports any smartphone that has Bluetooth 4.1 and above, the app is available on Play Store and App Store. The Memory Mic is an omnidirectional mic audio streaming resolution of 48kHz/16bit. The mic gets fully charged in 2 hrs and goes up to 70% of charge in an hour.  The mic operation temperatures are  0°C to +40°C.

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The Memory Mic is priced at $199.95 which is quite high for a mic, the price seems to be quite right since you get a whole chordless package(mic) except the included charging cable. The mic handles audio synchronization using their free app. And the audio quality will be not only good but it is Sennheiser quality good. If you vlog or record a lot of videos m your phone this is a better audio solution to go with and as they say “Simply close to wow”.



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