Panasonic Launches A Device To Suck The Smell From Your Shoes

For the people who don’t wear their socks, for the people who got ditched by their Girlfriends just because their feet smell like hell or people just avoiding you due to the odour from your shoes, here’s a lifesaver for you guys. Panasonic announced that it will be launching a “Shoe Deodorizer. Its called the Panasonic MS DS100, which according to Panasonic uses some wacky “NANOE X” technology to deodorize or in simple language to suck the smell out of your shoes.


This is a plug and play device, after plugging it in you just have to place the bottom nodes, which by the way look like two nozzles into your shoes and then let the device do the magic.

How it works?

As mentioned before it uses the Nanoe X technology, where it blasts highly charged ions into your shoe, penetrating the material and the ions dissolve the odour into itself, eliminating the awful smell. So that’s it, you have some ions that suck up the odour.


Depending upon the runtime there are two modes, the normal and the long, which runs the device for the device for five to seven hours respectively. According to Panasonic, the long mode should be used when you are especially concerned about the smell or the pollen.
To use the product, you just have to plug it in and place the bottom nodes into your shoes, kind of like putting a little party hat on top of your sneakers. The MS-D100 then blasts highly charged ions into the shoes, penetrating through the material and dissolving particles to eliminate any odours. There are two different modes: normal and long, which run for five hours to seven hours, respectively. According to Panasonic, the long mode is for use “when you are especially concerned about smell or pollen.”
This isn’t the first time that Panasonic has released a product in the deodorizing domain, last year Panasonic had launched a deodorizing hanger that worked pretty same as the above product, but that was to deodorize clothes.


The product will be available in Japan from September 20, since the press release did not reveal any prices, we think it should be around $180 since the hanger costs $180. And if you want this device make sure you grab it as early as possible since Panasonic will be producing only 1000 per month


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