We Might See Google Pixel 3 And 3 XL Launch On October 9

Since the Pixel 2 and 2XLwas unveiled on October 4, 2017, so it was obvious that the Pixel 3 and the 3XL would also be unveiled on the same date and there was also a confirmation on the October 4 launch. But now according to Bloomberg the new flagship form Google, The Pixel 3 and 3XL would launch in a media event in New-York on October 9.

The copious amount of leaks have been surfaced in the last few days about the device. So which gives a clear indication that the device is ready and we could expect the launch soon, and we don’t see any reason Google pushing the launch date by 5 days.

The Pixel 3 and the 3XL would be the showstoppers of the event wit that we would also see the launch of the new Pixelbook and the smartwatch by Google, the Pixel Watch. Anyways Google is yet to set the date officially and send out invites for the event.


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    • According my opinion if you are a pixel fan then you should definitely buy it.
      According to my opinion if you hate notches or you criticised iPhone X because of its ugly notch, then this isn’t the phone that would appeal you, I would suggest you rather go with the Samsung note 9 or wait for the S10.
      According to my opinion, if you just want buy a premium device, then wait for atleast a week after the pixel 3 launch, watch or read hands on or reviews then accordingly take your next move.
      -Mr.NerD TecH TalKs Team


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