Is NUBIA α (Alpha) The Smartwatch Of The Future?

This is where we thought IFA couldn’t get weirder, and then we saw the alpha. A concept video was launched by Nubia showing the Nubia α, the next futuristic smartwatch or as they the “New Species”.

Nubia the ZTE sub-brand showcased a gadget at IFA 2018. I called this a gadget because I don’t know what it is a smartphone or a smartwatch, actually, it’s a sandwich of them both. It’s called the Nubia Alpha. This smartwatch has an OLED flexible display that wraps around your wrist, its screen size is unknown, but this smartwatch is just so different than all the smartwatches we have ever seen. It has 4G support, a tiny 500 mAh battery, front camera and a sensor to tell which side is up.


Nobody was allowed to touch or try it since it was encased in a glass box so we don’t know what processor with that said the OS which probably looks like a highly customized version of Android, Nubia doesn’t tell which version of Android it is running or how close to completion it is. Nubia intends to make this smartwatch available on or before 2018 holidays.



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