Now You Can Sleep While Traveling In Volvo 360c Autonomous Vehicle

Volvo launched a short film showing their new autonomous vehicle. Since Volvo has already committed to going fully electric by 2019. Now it is also planning to go fully autonomous with the unveiling of the Volvo 360c Concept. The company claims that, not only you can use the space inside as a mobile office, living room and an entertainment space but you can literally sleep on the journey even if the destination is miles away.

The main vision of the company behind the introduction of the 360c is to remove all the frustration that is backed by hassle during travels. Volvo mains aims in removing the short distance flights, due to which the travellers have to go to the airport, all the security checkups the, the waitings, the baggage problems(sometimes), the waitings and the delays and the lack of privacy on the flight. The Volvo solution to this is a driverless vehicle that picks you ups and drops at your destination without any compromises.


The 360c can be set up for four different scenarios for your travel. You can use it as a living room, a mobile office, or an entertainment space. Since there is no driver’s area required, space is available to seat up to three rows of passengers, or if it’s just you, then it becomes a private cabin.




“Autonomous drive will allow us to take the big next step in safety but also open up exciting new business models and allow consumers to spend time in the car doing what they want to do.”

-Håkan Samuelsson, president and CEO of Volvo Cars

As Reuters reports, Volvo expects autonomous cars to make up one-third of sales by 2025, at which point 50 per cent of vehicles on the road will be electric. The 360c is Volvo’s first attempt to grab a share of that market, with the autonomous vehicle expected to achieve a range of up to 300km (186 miles) initially.

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Volvo is also keen to point out that a number of very popular domestic air travel routes, including New York to Washington DC, Houston to Dallas, and Los Angeles to San Diego take longer than if you just drove there. With the skies getting ever-more busy, we should only expect the travel time when flying to increase and for more routes to becoming desirable (and quicker) by car.



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