HMD Global To Hold A Event For The Launch Of Their New Smartphone

HMD Global has planned an event on October 4 in London and the invites for the same are being sent. As the invite clearly shows that a new smartphone will be unveiled. Since there are no hints of which smartphone they will b launching but according to our assumption and the internet we think that it will be the Nokia 7.1 Plus.


This event could also show us Nokia 9 making its global debut since the storage specs of the Nokia 9 have been shared by Samsung earlier this month. Since the recently launched Nokia 8 Sirocco wasn’t the “true” flagship that we were expecting for the reborn brand and Nokia 9 is what making the people think and anticipate that it will be the “true” Flagship form the reborn brand, only time can tell if its true or we will have to wait for it some more.

The Nokia 9 is also rumoured to have five cameras on its back, while the 7.1 Plus will. In both cases, Zeiss branding will be present. While the top of the line model should be powered by the Snapdragon 845 naturally, the Nokia 7.1 Plus will use the Snapdragon 710 paired with up to 6GB of RAM. HMD Global is committed to delivering the Android One experience on all of its handsets, so these two should be part of that program as well.

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