Apple Says That “The Weird Flex Is Normal!!!” On Your New iPad Pro

Many complaints of receiving a bent iPad by customers have surfaced the internet. And Apple doesn’t consider this as a defect. And this means that you would not get a replacement for the bent chassis with which the iPad Pro has been shipped to you- according to a post on The Verge.

Apple also claimed that the defect which apparently is not a defect to them will not get worse over time or affect the performance and usability of the device. According to Apple, this bent is caused by the cooling process, involving metal chassis and the plastic components during the manufacturing process.

The bending issues have been reported more by the LTE users than the WiFi users. This because there is a plastic strip used on the LTE model which separates the metal on the two sides for the data connectivity signal.

Since there has been no reports of performance issues or the device stopped working due to this flex. But if you are the one to get a bent iPad then consider yourself lucky since you have a flexible Tablet before Samsung or Huawei who plan to unveil it on MWC 2019


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