OnePlus 7 or 5G Leaks For The First Time, Here’s a Sneak Peek

This isn’t sure if this is the OnePlus 7 or the 5G smartphone which rocks the Snapdragon 855. But an image of an internal design meeting has surfaced the internet, which clearly shows OnePlus CEO Pete Lau attending it. And if you were wondering how the next OnePlus flagship would look like then this may be the answer to it.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is holding the device too.
Nokia Lumia 1020

This captured image clearly shows the back of the device. This back design is different from the previous OnePlus Smartphones and has a similar bulge like the Nokia Lumia 1020, the 41MP Windows phone. One prototype is also seen lying on the table and a white prototype is being inspected by the CEO himself. And we are also sure that someone is going to get fired for this amazing snap!!!

This picture doesn’t specify which model this is but since we know that OnePlus 5G device will be making its way to the market before Oneplus 7. The company also made a partnership with T-Mobile for selling their 6T so we won’t be surprised to see T-Mobile offering 5G plans.

The first carrier to get the Oneplus 5g would be EE in the UK since Onepluss is closely working with them. And on the US it will be Magenta carrier and also Sprint. Since Oneplus hasn’t figured out how to use the mmWave 5G, so Oneplus would be using the sub-6GHz band instead, which EE in the UK is aslo using.

The phone is expected to hit the markets with $100-$200 more than the successor 6T. This hike in price would be due tech that would be put in to implement 5G. The 5G Oneplus will rock the Snapdragon 855 with the X50 modem whereas the Oneplus 7 is also expected to have the same SoC but with the 4G X24 modem.


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