New Windows 10 Preview Shows A Updated Start Layout, Kaomoji Access

On Wednesday Microsoft launched a new Windows 10 Preview Build 18305 which packed a redesigned Start, a quick way to access to symbols and kaomoji, and a lot more. Windows Insiders in the Fast ring can grab preview build 18305 now.

The new start layout features a one column design and is neat due to the reduced top-level tiles. Accessing symbols and emoji have been also made simple, with this now you can access kaomoji like the “flipping the table” (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and “shrug.” ¯_(ツ)_/¯. To access these symbols now you have to click WIN+(period) or WIN+(semicolon).

The clipboard history feature is also getting a design upgrade. This feature lets you store multiple clipboard items. The design change will enable you to view items without the need of scrolling.

With the next feature in the New Preview Build need of a password to sign in to your device could be history. According to the blog post, Microsoft is eliminating them with a feature that lets you set up an account on Windows 10 with an SMS code sent to your phone. From there, you can use Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or PIN authentication to sign in. The company is also making it easier to reset your Windows Hello PIN, should you forget it.

The settings page is also getting an update, with the new Settings homepage makes things easier like signing in and managing your Microsoft account. This is due to a header on the top of the Settings Homepage. Plus, if you have a preferred tab in Task Manager, you can now choose it as your default via Options > Set default tab. That way, when you launch the Task Manager, it will automatically go to that tab. Microsoft is also testing a new “friendly” default date format in File Explorer.

“The new format simplifies the date modified column, and provides consistency with other views that you see throughout the OS, apps, and on the web,” Sarkar and LeBlanc explained.

If you hate the new date format then just right-click on the date modified column and toggle friendly dates off.

The new Office App is also included in this Preview, the Preview also integrates Cortana with Microsoft To Do.
“When you ask Cortana to add milk to your grocery list, it’ll show up on one of your Microsoft To-Do lists,” Sarkar and LeBlanc wrote on the blog post. “Or, ask Cortana to remind you to call a friend and see the reminder appear in your Microsoft To-Do planned list.”

Windows Defender’s Protection History also gets a new face with more information to show on the detected threats and how to resolve them.

This Preview Build also introduces Sandbox which is a virtual isolated desktop from which you can launch apps or software that you think is a potential threat to your device. To install Windows Sandbox, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off, and then select enable Windows Sandbox.
To start Windows Sandbox, open the Start menu, enter Windows Sandbox and then select it. And once the sandbox is closed all files will be deleted and processes will be terminated.

Meanwhile, a troubleshooting feature Microsoft first introduced in October that recommends fixes for non-critical issues that may be causing apps to crash or other problems is now “fully functional,” Sarkar and LeBlanc wrote. When you see a notification that says “we can fix a problem on your device” you can opt to run the troubleshooter, or not.

To know more and in-depth about the Preview Build 18305 checkout Microsoft’s Blog Post.


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