30,000 Players banned For Using Radar Hack By PUBG

The banned players also included some of the ESports pro players. Just after the launch of their Snow map Vikendi, PUBG has taken steps to prevent hacking and improving its game ethics. The hackers were caught using BattlEye a new anti-cheat algorithm which kept track of users suspected of using radar hack.

since the launch of PUBG around 13-Million players have been banned for hacking and using unethical methods while playing the game. This ban includes players form PC, Play Station, X Box environments and PUBG mobile players have been excluded since it is published and managed by Tencent Games.

The radar hack is a method where the live data of the opponents in the game, like their live position is sent to a external device like a smartphone. This was hard to track since the hack used VPN to send data to the smartphone, but with the help of BattlEye PUBG Corp has successfully caught hold of these hackers.

The radar hack was something that the players have reported for a long time and at last their prayers have been answered by PUBG Corp. This action by PUBG corp has made the player base happy, excluding the banned players.

The professional players that have been reportedly banned include TEXQS of the Pittsburgh Knights, Hoffmann88 and Player Jones of Copenhagen Flames and Sezk0 and Houlow of the French team SDF. Pittsburgh Knights in their statement on Twitter said that they have suspended TEXQS from their active roster investigate the ban of TEXQS.

Its to be noted that sometimes innocent players also get banned and we could see PUBG unbanning some players in the coming days.


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