Poco’s Next Smartphone To Launch On December 25

There is a big launch scheduled by POCO tomorrow, a new device may surface…..So stay tuned…..


A recent tweet by the General Manager at POCO India Manmohan Chandolu said or rather teased the possibility of a new phone or a new edition of POCO F1 to be launched soon in India.

According to the tweet we could see a new phone or a variant of F1 soon since it’s unclear, because we have had reports on the launch of a new POCO Phone launch has been confirmed by Flipkart India in their buyback guarantee policy.

And we have also had reports this is from a renowned tipster Ishaan Agrawal tweeted about new finish Poco F1, which would be the Kevlar finish but with 6Gb of RAM and with 64Gb/128Gb memory will be launched which was originally launched with 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage.

-=update=-(6:41 pm Monday, 24 December 2018 (IST)

Another Tweet by Poco India Also Confirms that the probably the new device will be launched on December 25 Soon… and is #MasterOfSpeed.

This tweet clearly indicates that it will be a new device. So stay tuned for the latest news on the Next POCO Phone

  1. […] fans were very hyped after yesterdays series of teasers given by the company and the General manage himself, most of the fans were waiting for the new […]

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