Red Magic 3 To Officially Launch in India on June 17

The Indian Red Magic website shows a promo( a landing page) of Red Magic 3 with a notify me button for their launch on June 17 in the country.

Red Magic 3 (Nubia Red Magic 3) is the ZTE’s latest phone with a integrated cooling fan, which is the feature that sets the phone apart from the other gaming phones. The fan is pretty small but does its job efficiently.

The phone is going to be sold on Flipkart, but pricing is not official yet. A tipster said in another tweet that it is expected to be between INR33,000 and INR35,000, and this is likely the starting price.

The global website offers three variants of the nubia Red Magic 3 – 8/128 GB in Black, 8/128 GB in Red, and 12/256 GB unit in Camo color.

We are yet to see if the 6/64 GB option will hit India, or the Asia-Pacific country will have the same choices as the rest of the global markets.

The phone rocks the beasty 7nm SoC, the Snapdragon 855, a 90 Hz refresh rate on the 6.65” AMOLED screen and 240 Hz touch refresh rate and 5000mAh battery with 27W fast charging.


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