New PUBG Mobile Update Dropping on 12 June With Team Death Match: Everything You Need to Know

The new 0.13.0 update has been made live on the PUBG mobile servers. The update includes a bunch of tweaks and add-on to the game, but most importantly it includes a new game mode the team deathmatch mode.

The Team Death Match mode or the TDM mode is similar to the normal team deathmatches where players team up to play and score the highest point possible to win the match, here in pubg the first team to score 40 points wins the match. If you get killed during the match you respawn at spawn places with the weapons they already have, so unlike war mode where you drop using a parachute into the arena, here you directly respawn without the need of parachute. The weapon balance is great you choose your weapons and charge to the arena, unlike the war mode where the type of weapon is pre-assigned to you.

As of now, TDM has only one map Warehouse with a great balance of covers, attachments and weapons like you have an M249 spawned in the middle of the map.

Players are granted a few seconds of invulnerability to make sure that spawn campers don’t run rampant. And in what can be called a new feature, the HP in TDM mode regenerates so players can hide out and regenerate their health after a successful encounter. This is definitely easier compared to using healing items to physically heal. This is similar to COD games.

Players can earn steaks in this mode but those account for nothing more than just a recognition of how many frags a certain player has acquired in a row. The pace of the game is a lot quicker compared to the battle royale that PUBG Mobile players are used to and unlike the War Mode, players can actually keep a track of where the enemies are even after dying.

How Can you play TDM:

Just select TDM in the Evo Ground with your squad and then rule the arena. Players can also create their own rooms with room cards

New Achievements for TDM:

  • Victory Legion: Complete 1/5/10/20 matches with Dominating in Team
  • Deathmatch Alpha & Omega: Get the first kill and final blow in a Team
  • Deathmatch T-800: Achieve Terminator 1 time in Team Deathmatch
  • Envoy of War: Complete a series of missions in Team Deathmatch.

Other updates( Not covering everything but the Important ones):

  • Added a Godzilla theme. Godzilla themed lobby background will be available together with many themed events and rewards after the update
  • Added MVP showcase system at the end of each match. All players will receive a default MVP pose. The top 3 players in Classic mode or the MVP of the winning squad in TDM will be featured.
  • In Vikendi, players will now leave footprints, trails and tire tracks on the snow.
  • Added a dedicated button for climbing that can be enabled in the settings.
  • When killed by friendly fire, now players can decide if the teammate should lose merit or not.
  • Added Charisma Ranking. The permanent outfits and firearm/vehicle finishes collected by a player will increase their Charisma.
  • Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night changes:
    • The old zombies have been replaced by 4 types of new zombies.
    • Certain zombies now have new abilities: Tanks will empower nearby allies; Skinners can slow nearby players.
    • A new factory has replaced the police station.
  • Crew Challenge Qualifying Round has been expanded. Now 6 qualifying matches will be held every day, up from 5. Each squad can participate up to 3 matches per day, up from 2. Each squad is allowed to participate a total of 18 qualifying matches, up from 12. And new items have been added to the Crew Shop.
  • Added 3 new Clan Insignias for Lv. 7, Lv. 9, and Lv. 10.
  • Added a latency indicator to the main screen. Green, yellow, and red represents a good, average, or bad connection.

For the whole update notes, click here.


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