DJI Launches Robomaster S1: An Educational Robot

The Robomaster is a first product by the company that isn’t related to aerial photography or advanced photography tools. The Robomaster is priced a USD499. The DIY robot is an outcome of their annual RoboMaster Robotics Competition.

The robot focuses on teaching the concepts of science, math, physics, programming, and more through captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features. The Robot supports Scratch programming which is a drag and drops programming language great for kids and if you want more control it supports Python programming too.

You can apply rules of science and math using either of the coding languages and run it on the robot and improvise if necessary. This way the robot gives an interactive platform for learning. The robot also supports 6 programmable AI modules along with the 46 programmable modules. The S1 comes with four Mecanum wheels, each with 12 rollers that allow omnidirectional movement and precision control. Front axes suspension allows for added versatility during operation.

The 2 axis gimbal stabilised canon can shoot gel balls, which are included in the package and have to be soaked in water for 4 hrs before use. The robot has a competition level hit registration system. If you are not interested in shooting balls then the cannon also has IR blaster integrated into it. Six PWM ports on the robot support customized accessories, allowing you to explore the unlimited possibilities of the S1 and the magic of the robotic world.

The Robot has many battling modes to play with your friends and even you can play with the robot by exploring different possibilities of the robot.

To know more click here.


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